ATLANTIC GROUP: Storytelling & Leadership Workshop


In times of business transformation and change, it has become more and more important to inspire and engage employees, to create a clear company vision, and to bring the most important ideas to life.


The impact of technology on business, new working principles, and market demands require companies and their leaders to introduce entirely new, innovative approaches to leadership and team motivation.

We held a workshop for the management team of Atlantic Group; who is one of the leading companies in the food industry in the CEE region operating in wider European territory and Russia. Through this workshop, we were able to build awareness about the power of storytelling and showed them how to use this method as a tool to achieve business goals and successfully lead teams.

We guided the management team through the process of creating a story that will engage and motivate employees, and we also introduced tools and frameworks for story creation. After the session, the leaders understood their role in creating conditions where employees are willing to change.

By using the storytelling technique, you create consciousness, interest, engagement, and commitment, so the idea of the change which the leader is trying to implement spreads organically, without the feeling of imposition, obligation, or coercion. This is why storytelling is a valuable tool for empowering leaders.




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