Employer branding in the times of crisis


It is committed, creative and engaged people who care about their work, their company, and their customers and who are willing to give even more than what is required from them in order to help the company succeed.


If you are in Human Resources or Communications, you could be wondering how come employer branding landed on your desk so suddenly. How to connect and reshape all the activities you already run with employer branding principles? Where to start?

Strategy. Idea. Implementation.

Employer branding has been a hot topic for a few years now. Companies have realized that employer brand does not begin or end with recruitment or a campaign, but rather that it starts within a company. It starts with its current people, values they share, and business goals. However, to operate your human resources function, internal and external communication activities in line with employer branding principles is easier said than done.  It is a long-term process that needs a systematic and continuous approach.

Together with our partner from Safe Leap, Startaparat consultants have developed a simple and comprehensive overview of how to build an Employer branding strategy. It focuses on company values, personas, employer value proposition, and implementation activities through HR and comms.

Key elements of the strategy

This June, we held a workshop with clients from various industries – retail, finance, IT, and FMCG and tackled with them all the different aspects of employer branding.

We led them through the process and showed where to start, how to translate business goals into employer branding KPIs, and how to understand the needs of the people. What channels they will come from and why they eventually decide to leave. The key point was to find out the company’s unique value proposition and as well as its offering beyond material benefits.

Employer branding is not a standalone activity. It affects and is affected by various external and internal influences. Therefore, an important question has emerged: why a company should invest in employer branding, and especially in times of crisis and uncertainty?

Apart from easier attraction and retention of people, in simple terms – understanding your people’s needs and creating an experience that increases satisfaction and engagement will boost productivity. In times of crisis, it is not your tools, processes, or organizational design that will get you out of it.

From branding to engagement

It is committed, creative and engaged people who care about their work, their company, and their customers and who are willing to give even more than what is required from them in order to help the company succeed.

And employer brand is the glue that will unite all your business, HR, and communications goals and activities. And enable your company deliver its results.

Learnings and impressions

Marina Regjo, Group Talent Manager, Jamnica plus

Đurđica and Sanja showed us how to begin establishing a successful employer branding strategy through various examples from modern business practices, including those from personal corporate experiences. Additionally, individual consultations are included as part of the training, giving you a sense of support while tackling this broad subject, which is truly amazing.

Petra Buljan, HR and Organizational Development Laed, Microblink

Employee Value Proposition workshop is definitely one of the best workshops I’ve ever had a chance to attend! We all know our own companies, our brands, and values that we offer to employees, but Sanja and Đurđica helped me understand that there are new ways to give value to employees. Value designed specifically for them. The workshop was intensive and project-oriented, which was great since we all left with loads of ideas on how to apply gained knowledge in our work. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to build their EVP and company culture.

If you would like to learn more about how to create your employer brand, jump on the next workshop happening on-site or virtually. Or work hands-on with our team of experts.

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STARTAPARAT/SAFE LEAP are experts in employer branding. We help companies shape their employer branding strategy, HR processes, and internal and external communications to create and support the development of a strong, authentic, and relevant employer brand.




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