A Microsite for a COVID Innovation – Japan Launch

DELIVERABLES Microsite Development

We have been working closely with PR agency Spark Publicity and developed a micro-site for the product launch in Tokyo.


A social business aims to solve water, sanitation, and hygiene problems by providing affordable and easy-to-install sanitation systems to local communities around the world. It has introduced its new handwashing solution in Tokyo, Japan, this week.

Startaparat’s Dubai office has been working closely with their PR agency and has developed a microsite for the product launch in Tokyo.



The innovation consists of a plastic base with a nozzle that can be fitted with widely available plastic bottles. It is compact and can be used both within the home and as a handwashing station at public facilities.

The unique design ensures minimal contact between the user and the tap, thereby reducing the spread of disease, while the trickle action minimizes water use, meaning fewer refills while maintaining a solid flow of water.

It will be manufactured in India and will be made available for partners in September 2020, with the ramp-up of production and retail availability through early 2021.




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