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Take one… take two… and – action! Engaging with the right community that has knowledge and experience of the product – kids and their parents – gained far more relevant and valuable insights, and at the end unique, quality co-created content.


Nimm2 has been on Austrian and German market since the 1960s. From the iconic (first) vitamin candies to today’s range of hard, soft and gummi-candies, Nimm2 has been a symbol of sweet childhood treats, helped parents feel a bit better as well by combining sweets and vitamins. The name Nimm2 (German for Take Two) comes from the original product which contained 2 flavors – orange and lemon. This simple name had survived decades and became one of the most popular candy brands in this part of Europe. Nimm2 is a brand by Storck, a family-owned German company dating back to the early 1900s. Alongside with their other famous brands – Merci, Toffife, Werther’s Original, Riesen, etc.,

Nimm2 has been one of the flagship names and children’s hero. And that is exactly where our Nimm2 story begins, with heroes.
In 2018, Nimm2 has released a new product in its „Smilegummi“ range – Heroes. These fruit gummy candy came in a form of funny little characters created from the pieces of fruits. The intention was to inspire kids and their parents to play with characters, therefor giving them not just „sweets and vitamins“ as all Nimm2 candies promise, but also
developing imagination and creative skills. We were assigned a task of finding top Austrian family influencers and getting them on board for the campaign.

We wanted to create an interactive and fun family activity that will allow our young consumers to put Nimm2 Heroes into action themselves. So we developed a storytelling game with illustrated dice, for children (3+) and their parents. The game gave endless possibilities to create a story frame involving Heroes, and once a child gets its imagination started – the sky is the limit. We also wanted to give this tech-savvy generation of youngsters an idea of how to create creative and fun content themselves, instead of just getting hooked onto already made internet available materials.


The bloggers and their kids were invited to a workshop at which they were given the game, a pile of props and materials to build their own, and taught how to turn their Hero stories into stop motion films. The professional photographer who was there to teach kids how to create usable photos and stop motion films was quickly overtaken by 3-9-year old film directors and screenwriters, who needed no more than a quick introduction, to get their own projects going.

The afternoon of fun and play resulted in individual and group stop motion animation creations which were then displayed and shared via their parents’ blogs, as a part of a digital video campaign, together with print-at-home the version of the game and instructions on how to easily create stop-motion videos with your own kids.



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