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Sustainability data scientists and business analysts with an affinity for monitoring and evaluation.


9212 Data is a USA based startup company specializing in Sustainability Reporting and Impact Assessment. They work with private sector companies, international organizations, NGOs, research think tanks, academic institutions, and governments to provide cutting-edge literature, tools, and methodologies steeped in sustainable development data science/analytics to facilitate industry compliance and successful implementation of governance, policy, and programs.

Interest for 9212 Data and its services was growing internationally on a good scale, and this led to several logistical issues. Their web site needed an update. The previous website, created once upon a time, was outdated, confusing to navigate and information was difficult to find. The most important – it didn’t represent the nature nor the work and the image of the startup at all.

9212 Data needed a design partner to quickly move forward through the creation of communication pieces, good UX, clear navigation and quality design.

We have conducted a series of interviews and brainstorming sessions with the team to help us understand users’ common interests and concerns. This has created a crucial insight that shaped our strategy of creating an approachable, informative experience.

Simple, yet descriptive was the main goal. We were happy to be a part of this project, and help 9212 Data present what they truly are about. Their work was too interesting and important to stay hidden in the overloaded web page.




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