WAG: A makeover of an Austrian brand with strong heritage

Visual Identity
360 Communication Campaign
Magazin Design
Web Page by Netural

In 2015 WAG decided it was time for a makeover. This included new visual identity, launch campaign and developing a new website.


WAG Wohnungsbaugesellschaft is an Upper Austrian real estate development company from Linz. With over 20,000 properties, it is the second largest real estate developer in Austria. WAG has a long tradition of residential development providing homes for over 75 years.

One of the main communication objectives was modernizing WAG’s image while preserving the brand’s legacy. In terms of WAG’s new corporate identity, color and existing geometrical shapes were kept in order to preserve the association with the brand. Shapes and fonts were simplified and modernized, thin lines were added similar to blueprints plans, which again evoked the association with precision.




The campaign launched in March 2016 in Austria and focused on communicating reliability and emotional ties with its customers. By using lifestyle pictures and strong imagery, WAG positioned itself as the true home-maker that will help each customer find a place of peace and comfort according to their needs. Web design and development has been done by Netural.





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