HOLCIM: Grab a Chair!

DELIVERABLES Recruitment Campaign Strategy
Creative concept
Offline Campaign
Digital Campaign
Web design and production

The overall campaign resulted in fully recruited Koshice (SK) team, Holcim HR department managed to select over 350 eligible candidates from all over Europe.


In March 2014, Holcim started a Shared Service Business Center in Koshice (SK), the second largest town in Slovakia. This new office provides support for Holcim’s Central Eastern Europe cluster – from financial transactions, bookkeeping and customer support to HR management. To fulfill all its needs, the office needed to grow a large, well-educated, and modern team of employees.

In order to recruit eligible candidates, Business Services Koshice decided to run a recruiting creative campaign in Central Eastern Europe, instead of solely using regular headhunting services.

The recruitment creative campaign opened an opportunity to communicate not just job openings, but also the image and the character of the new and dynamic Koshice office. It also allowed us to use modern, fresh and informal communication language, familiar and appealing to young professionals we needed to attract.

The recruiting campaign was happening online; social media backed up with the targeted digital campaign. In offline channels we had print ads, city lights and public transportation media to support spreading the message.



Grab a chair campaign played with the multiple meaning of “grab a chair” expression. It invites to grab the opportunity and get a job, and also to pull in and join the HBS team in Koshice (SK). It is an active invitation to become not only an employee, but a team member.

The communication revolved around branded cardboard chairs which were produced and placed around Koshice and Bratislava (SK) – in co-working spaces, universities, around bars and cafes popular with our target group.



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