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From mice to gazelles: the people dimension

…or how to scale your organization from within.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that culture is self-explanatory. And that you’re boring people with talking over and over about it. It’s quite the opposite.

Employer branding in the times of crisis

It is committed, creative and engaged people who care about their work, their company, and their customers and who are willing to give even more than what is required from them in order to help the company succeed.

Workshops in the digital realm

Forward-thinking businesses see the value of shared digital and visual workspaces for some time now. It is possible to enable online collaboration in real-time, using existing frameworks and innovating in the approach.

Need to Rethink “Employer Brand”?

Do you know why employees chose you as their employer? Do you keep track of how they feel about working for you? What they like and dislike? And would they recommend you to someone else?

Storytelling is a powerful tool

Stories create emotions.

Emotions are driving people.

This is the power of Storytelling.

Startups Forum

It was a pleasure mentoring great ideas that really change the world for people with disabilities.

PIONEERS: Strategic Storytelling and Innovation Workshop

Pioneers Ventures Retreat for the selected Pioneers’ startups happens during Pioneers Festival. This year program consisted of several workshops and Startapart prepared one of them.

Mentoring at Founders Institute Accelerator

Startaparat has been mentoring at accelerator programs during 2017 in 3 cities, some of which were very interesting and unexpected.

Webster’s Alumni Symposium – The Digital Transformation Panel

This year’s topic “The Digital Transformation – How Innovation in Technology is changing the World” featured a diverse panel of speakers from AI start-ups, established industry leaders (Microsoft), international organizations and the public sector (Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development).

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