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MONDI: Headquarters Vienna

Multidisciplinary team for a diverse, digital and sustainable future

OKITOKI: A Story About a Wonderful Branding Project

Meet Okitoki, the charming wonder that’s revolutionizing the landscape of communication within the kindergarten and other educational systems. It’s a delightful digital platform, here to lighten the load of busy parents and preschool teachers while nurturing the growth of our precious little ones.

BOTH &: Naming Co-creation Workshop. Consulting the consultants!

Our mission here was simple yet exciting – we had a brilliant bunch of business consultants to guide them through the nitty-gritty of the naming process, show them the ropes, and get their hands dirty with some fun collaborative exercises. 

Rolling the Dice: The Making of ALICE in BLOCKCHAINS!

The stage was set, the mission was clear, and the energy was high – we had a noble cause to represent. A non-profit, gearing up to champion women’s participation in the tech arenas of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And boy, we needed a name that would pack a punch!

Storytelling for Leaders, Executive Training

In an age where the pharmaceutical industry thrives on persuasive communication, Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company from Bangladesh, identified storytelling for leaders as a key component for compelling engagement and resolved to empower their senior sales team with this priceless toolset.

The Toolset for ZULUHOOD

We joined forces to work with Zuluhood, a standout startup in the realm of home security apps. Our mandate? To weave a compelling communication strategy, craft an engaging web design, and produce an arresting product video. But hey, we’re Startaparat – we know how to make the ordinary extraordinary!

COMPING: A timeless piece of IT

When it comes to tailoring a core brand strategy, Startaparat knows how to rock the game. We seized the opportunity to join forces with Comping, a seasoned player in the IT industry.

MB ARCHITECTS: A Web Page for an Unconventional Trailblazer

Renowned for their outstanding architectural transformation skills, yet previously invisible in the digital landscape, MB Architects, a Baku-based architectural studio, turned to us at Startaparat. Our mission? To create their digital home, mirroring the studio’s global appeal, visionary design principles, and focus on their clients.

OPEN SPACE INNSBRUCK: Contemporary Art. Web Page.

Nestled in the heart of Innsbruck, Open Space Innsbruck (OSI) has established a firm foothold in the contemporary art landscape. OSI has made a name for itself by transforming everyday spaces into lively art galleries, embodying a commitment to accessibility, engagement, and fostering a rich cultural dialogue.

TAXTRIS: Branding a FinTech Startup

Established in the heart of London, Taxtris stands as a forward-thinking startup, sculpting new frontiers in the tax compliance and automation sector for digital assets within the rapidly evolving Web3 economy, primarily powered by its formidable API.

From mice to gazelles: the people dimension

…or how to scale your organization from within.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that culture is self-explanatory. And that you’re boring people with talking over and over about it. It’s quite the opposite.

MONDI: EcoSolutions Interactive Tool

Startaparat got the task to transform EcoSolutions idea into an interactive tool to help different stakeholders to navigate the possibilities. The approach centers around three actions to optimize packaging choices.

Employer branding in the times of crisis

It is committed, creative and engaged people who care about their work, their company, and their customers and who are willing to give even more than what is required from them in order to help the company succeed.

Znate li kako angažirati i usmjeravati svoje organizacije, brandove i timove kako bi ubrzali promjene i transformirali svoje poslovanje?


The Union’s Dragon Awaken.
A passionate red, recognizable white features, Union inscription, and a dragon watching over the brewery and the capital of Slovenia, Lubljana.

RÖMERQUELLE: 1MS #greenimpactchallenge

Eight Austrian and European impact startups were working on innovative ideas, addressing urgent challenges related to plastic recycling.

Workshops in the digital realm

Forward-thinking businesses see the value of shared digital and visual workspaces for some time now. It is possible to enable online collaboration in real-time, using existing frameworks and innovating in the approach.

RUSTICATIO: Digitalizing the Classy

Rusticatio is one of the very few companies in the region offering this type of unique wooden products. Therefore, online presence is crucial for customers who are not in the proximity of Austrian and German showrooms.

1MILLIONSTARTUPS: Global Conference 2019

We were pleased to have been hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Digital & Economic Affairs, in a beautiful historical building in the very heart of Vienna. The strong opening by Minister Udolf-Strobl, UNIDO official Monica Carco and the legendary investor Candace Johnson reflects our theme and concept for this year’s conference: “Connect to impact.

UNICREDIT: Diversity and Inclusion Matter Event

Behind- the-scenes event model relied on a participant-driven open space concept; we wanted employees to co-shape the event, co-creating the content, suggesting speakers, and being active actors on the stage. We introduced fishbowl panel discussions and had a full-day moderation by several skilful UniCredit Group’s employees.

Need to Rethink “Employer Brand”?

Do you know why employees chose you as their employer? Do you keep track of how they feel about working for you? What they like and dislike? And would they recommend you to someone else?

STORYLAB: Nimm2 Content Co-creation with Influencers

Take one… take two… and – action! Engaging with the right community that has knowledge and experience of the product – kids and their parents – gained far more relevant and valuable insights, and at the end unique, quality co-created content.

ATLANTIC GROUP: Storytelling & Leadership Workshop

In times of business transformation and change, it has become more and more important to inspire and engage employees, to create a clear company vision, and to bring the most important ideas to life.

VERDURA: The name for Dubai’s Mediterranean Magic

The first stage of the task was to take the owner’s vision and carve out the right name. So we looked at the Mediterranean and what it truly is. It is charming, colorful, full of tastes, aromas, and flavors.

UNDABOT: Unfolding the Untold Story

Our final strategy and storytelling reinvigorated the company culture, reminding one and all why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Storytelling is a powerful tool

Stories create emotions.

Emotions are driving people.

This is the power of Storytelling.

Startups Forum

It was a pleasure mentoring great ideas that really change the world for people with disabilities.

COCA-COLA COMPANY: The new beverage on the block

The brand aimed for young urban, male&female, city life enjoyers, foodies, extraordinarily social and outgoing, trendsetters, city events lovers, with a wide and lively circle of friends.

1MILLIONSTARTUPS: Global Conference 2018

Startaparat has designed the first 1MillionStartups Global Conference. It happened in the very hot Viennese startup hub weXelerate from September 12 to 14, 2018.

PIONEERS: Strategic Storytelling and Innovation Workshop

Pioneers Ventures Retreat for the selected Pioneers’ startups happens during Pioneers Festival. This year program consisted of several workshops and Startapart prepared one of them.

Mentoring at Founders Institute Accelerator

Startaparat has been mentoring at accelerator programs during 2017 in 3 cities, some of which were very interesting and unexpected.

MONDI: The Touch

For the purpose of Mondi presentation at three major international industry business fairs in Germany, Russia and USA, we had created a multi – channel communication project inspired by Mondi slogan – In touch every day.

STORYLAB: Philadelphia’s Influencer campaign #shareacheesecake

Eight Austrian key influencers were selected to co-create #shareacheesecake experience with Philadelphia. The main task was to promote sharing good moments, prepare cheesecakes with Philadelphia cheese and share them with the loved ones.

SUMO: An intriguing chemistry startup

It is great and rare to have both, innovative chemistry and the vision of how to use discoveries to solve important problems, targeting unmet needs in recycling products.

BLOOMSBURY: Book cover design for the publisher of Harry Potter

Should you judge the book by its cover? In this case please do both. Check out the cover design we’ve created for Bloomsbury Publishing, the well-known UK publisher of extraordinary Harry Potter, and read the Postwar Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest.

RESPONSIVE SPACES: Where digital world meets physical place

Responsive Spaces Netural’s new startup is working at the intersection of technology and design — offering an integrated view of digital media system design.
You’re probably asking yourself: But what does that mean?

Webster’s Alumni Symposium – The Digital Transformation Panel

This year’s topic “The Digital Transformation – How Innovation in Technology is changing the World” featured a diverse panel of speakers from AI start-ups, established industry leaders (Microsoft), international organizations and the public sector (Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development).

FREEWA: More than a startup – a world free drinking water movement

FREEWA, a free water startup, is serious about leaving something good behind. Set in motion by four enthusiasts who are design, marketing and sales experts, FREEWA is all about the love for Nature’s greatest gift – water. But the story only began here.

STORYLAB: Schwarzkopf’s Influencer campaign #livemoments

We combined influencer content on two social media channels, Youtube and Instagram to create a fully integrated experience for consumers to discover the Schwarzkopf’s Live Hair Colors with #livemoments campaign 2017.

At the first global UNLEASH Innovation Lab

UNLEASH is a global innovation lab that brings together people from all over the world to transform 1,000 personal insights into hundreds of ideas, and build lasting global networks around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 1millionstartups as a proud knowledge and talent partner was part of the first Innovation Lab 2017 in Denmark Aarchus.

ROOMLE: The digital furniture platform

The first digital furniture platform that innovates the furniture panning and buying process – for both consumers and retailers.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR: Fresh eyewear brand from the heart of Vienna

Silhouette, the long-standing eyewear manufacturer from Linz, produces more than 3 million eyeglasses a year. In 2016 for the first time, it launched its first self-standing brand for the worldwide market – Neubau eyewear. Together with the Silhouette team, we developed the Neubau brand form scratch; branding strategy, visual identity and communication campaign. Netural envisioned digital presence of the brand.

McSHARK: Apple Premium Reseller’s New Look

After the merger, it decided to keep the McShark brand name, and asked the agency for a complete redesign and refreshment of the “older brother”.

THIS.PLAY: An Austrian startup that does magic

By translating complex information into emotional experiences that connect to you, your business, or your art. An Austrian Startup does magic!

DELIKROAT: Neubau’s delicatessen shop

Truffle pasta with sun-ripened tomatoes, olive oil from the home village, lavender syrup from the neighborhood, dried figs, red wine, liqueur, and cheese; what has begun as a small stall of specialties on Viennese markets, has found a permanent location.

HOLCIM: Grab a Chair!

The overall campaign resulted in fully recruited Koshice (SK) team, Holcim HR department managed to select over 350 eligible candidates from all over Europe.

Helena Rosandic speaker at the CROMAR congress

Panel discussion: Challenges in the Marketing Practice Today, held during the 24th CROMAR Congress held at the Faculty of Economy, Split, Crotia.

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