A1: The Synergy between HR and Comms Ensures Change Sticks

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In times where yesterday’s decision becomes obsolete the following morning, organizations are required to continuously adjust their ways of working to fast-changing conditions on the market.


A1 Hrvatska, a leading provider of digital services, is in the state of continuous transformation and adjustment to agile and customer-centric ways of working. In order to help employees embrace new ways of working, A1 decided to develop new performance management practices.

A new, agile system that reflects everyday business dynamics, and enables immediate feedback and quick recognition and reward. Our team of Communication and Human Resource experts supported A1 Hrvatska team on that road.

We supported the A1 team by co-creating its new performance management system and facilitating its implementation through the organization. One of the tasks was to activate and engage different stakeholders in the organization and create a common understanding. Thus, our team prepared different sets of human resources and communication tools and activates to make the implementation process easier and faster.

The whole project was the result of a close collaboration between Human Resources and Communications, both from ours and the client’s side, proving that in the process of organizational change, an integrated approach is key.

The project was realized in collaboration with Safe Leap, Human Resource Consultancy.




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