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The Union’s Dragon Awaken.
A passionate red, recognizable white features, Union inscription, and a dragon watching over the brewery and the capital of Slovenia, Lubljana.


Union beer is one of the most iconic brands in the Slovenian market. The brand has a long tradition in Slovenia, as well as the region. It has very recognizable, strong brand elements that consumers have been cherishing for decades. However, Union beer had to act upon market challenges and evolving consumer needs. They have recognized the need to set a new story for the digital age. The mission was to develop further the brand communication and visual identity of Union, Pivovarna Laško’s Union core range (lager, non-alcoholic and unfiltered beer). The identity ought to reflect the new brand and portfolio strategy. But also, we had to explore the inner strength of the brand and find a way to reconnect with the “new consumer.” 


The best way to reconnect and to discover who we are is to take an in-depth look into ourselves, correct? To understand where our inner strength lies, we need to know what we are built of. Therefore, that is precisely what our strategic and creative teams did. We studied Union’s heritage, its heart and then resurfaced and transported the distinctive heraldic and iconic brand elements of the famous beer to the next level. A passionate red, recognizable white features, Union inscription, and a dragon watching over the brewery and the city of Lubljana. These elements rendered a fresh, dynamic brand look. Moreover, they proved, although rooted in its past, Union is looking bravely into the future.

As a result, with our new creative platform of the local favorite, we have awakened the dragon’s power coming from the Ljubljana brewing masters and delivered Union’s unique experience in every sip to its beer-drinking fans.

And now, there is nothing else to do but…

…to raise our glasses high!


Pivovarna Laško Union is a member of Heineken Company.

The project has been co-created in collaboration with Octopus Ink.



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