Storytelling is a powerful tool


Stories create emotions.

Emotions are driving people.

This is the power of Storytelling.


Once again, the Adriatic Innovation Island conference in Rovinj, Croatia gathered experts and professionals from around the world, to share ideas and insights regarding digital transformation and human resources.

Keynote speakers from Coca Cola, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, Raiffeisenbank, and many more, shared their experiences with barriers they have encountered in driving cultural change processes in international companies and how they initiated the change. 

Sanja Petek Mujačić, partner and organizational culture consultant from our Zagreb office, held a workshop on how Storytelling can help leaders to engage employees and lead the change. 

Why is Storytelling such a powerful tool in today’s complex world?

Today leaders need to create an environment that empowers their employees to be willing to change, in order to transform their companies and create a seamless transition into the digital age. 

By using the Storytelling technique, you create awareness, interest, engagement, and commitment, so the idea of the change you are trying to implement spreads organically and you achieve a sense of belonging and safety.



Stories are in the center of the culture change. Do you agree?



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