How to build business resilience through communication and HR?


How to build business resilience and create strong brands and organizations? Customized online interactive workshops and collaboration.


In only a few weeks, the pace of change has moved at an unprecedented rate, with an overnight shift to “the new normal.” Therefore, it is fair to say that all types of businesses are affected, but everyone is affected differently. The complexity of your industry, market demands and the current state of your own organization are all implying the need for individual, strategic approach to the situation, and for setting a clear focus and goals.

Are you questioning how to move forward in this current situation?

Brands and leaders (managers) are at the forefront of the change process. However, they need to be empowered to lead and grow your business in the new world. Both brands and leaders need to provide consumers and/or team members with security and a clear direction. Employing a strong narrative to educate, engage, and connect people on the journey ahead

How can we support you?

Startaparat’s consultants and experts can help you move your organization, your brand, or team to accelerate the change and transform your business performance. We co-create and facilitate the process, and we support you in developing action plans for your situation. You can choose from step-by-step and hands-on collaboration or facilitation of workshops on different topics. You will gain clarity, develop a strategy, and move fast from ideas and concepts into realization.

Depending on your pressing issue, you can choose diverse themes:


Who is it for?

All topics are adjustable for startups and corporates. Likewise, for those who want to sharpen the response to the Coronavirus’s impact and agilely adapt to “the new normal”. Consultants and experts are seamlessly integrated on-demand and in online collaboration in real-time. Digital collaboration processes and workshops are created to maximize engagement for remote teams and individuals. The workspace can be rapidly scaled, and offer full transparency and customization of work. Furthermore, it contains different frameworks and templates, methods, and visual elements crafted by Startaparat’s consultants based on the best offline practices. We combine visual workspace with an interactive video conferencing setup.

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