PIONEERS: Strategic Storytelling and Innovation Workshop


Pioneers Ventures Retreat for the selected Pioneers’ startups happens during Pioneers Festival. This year program consisted of several workshops and Startapart prepared one of them.


“The purpose of the workshop is to help leaders re-discover what their brand stands for to influence people and lead the market. After this workshop, we want startups not to think only about the next six months, but to think about the next couple of years. Adopt the mindset and reap great returns in 2017 and beyond.” – said Tanja Skoric and Helena Rosandic, co-founders of Startaparat.

Startups often find the most difficult part of building a business is being able to get the right marketing plan in place to acquire early adopters at scale. Being able to gain traction with customers is what makes or breaks the majority of startups. To survive in the startup world today, it’s essential to know how the marketing landscape is changing but it is crucial to have the story told in the proper unique way and to know how to take it down through all channels in the most effective way.




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