STORYLAB: Philadelphia’s Influencer campaign #shareacheesecake

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Eight Austrian key influencers were selected to co-create #shareacheesecake experience with Philadelphia. The main task was to promote sharing good moments, prepare cheesecakes with Philadelphia cheese and share them with the loved ones.


StoryLab, a Dentsu /Carat Content Agency come up with the creative strategy for the Philadelphia’s content campaign and we had to put together the execution plan. The goal was to connect to the younger target audience with cooking but in a refreshing way and increase its Philadelphia’s online presence. The target market was Austria.

Exquisite, fresh recipes for a cheesecake with a twist were prepared by Finekoch and we have selected 8 great Austrian influencers from the target group who could bring the new hype to baking and share a cheesecake with Philadelphia cheese. Each would prepare and interpret a recipe of their choice from Finekoch and create their sharing moment with #shareacheescke.

The influencers would take their followers along for the ride, sharing social media content about the cheesecake preparation process and especially about the importance of sharing.

The project was a great example of how relevant, well-picked influencers can transform well-known habits into the exciting experience and do high-quality, engaging content.





The final ROI also illustrates the effect of the extra earned media generated and how valuable this can be to overall marketing strategy:

  • 39,5% blog response rate
  • 37,6% social media engagement rate.



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