SUMO: An intriguing chemistry startup

Visual Identity
Web Design Art Direction

It is great and rare to have both, innovative chemistry and the vision of how to use discoveries to solve important problems, targeting unmet needs in recycling products.


We are lucky enough to receive a new Ikea chair, we also get instructions on how to build it on a separate leaflet. But there is no manual to guide entrepreneurs and startups creating new businesses and to innovate. It is great and rare to have both, especially innovative chemistry and the vision to use discoveries to solve important problems, targeting needs in recycling and renewable products.

Sumo Innovation, an Italian startup shares one idea: superficial modification (name: SUMO) of materials aiming to improve their performance and increase their compatibility in several matrices. Their team of R&D experts is constantly researching and developing new chemical formulations designed to outperform industry standards. This yields competitive solutions to clients from numerous industries.

We worked together in the creation of their brand and visual identity. The visual identity is kept smooth, with primary colors blue and white and with sans serif typography. Contemporary, elegant portraying innovation and forward thinking of the team and the company. Together with a web designer, we worked on the web page, which is modern, clear and direct. That makes it easy for prospects to quickly digest what they offer, but also read more details on its value proposition, if they choose to.
















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