BLOOMSBURY: Book cover design for the publisher of Harry Potter


Should you judge the book by its cover? In this case please do both. Check out the cover design we’ve created for Bloomsbury Publishing, the well-known UK publisher of extraordinary Harry Potter, and read the Postwar Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest.


The author prof. dr. Dean Vuletic examines in Postwar Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest how the Eurovision Song Contest has reflected and become intertwined with the history of postwar Europe from a political perspective.

Established in 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s largest popular music event and one of the most popular television programmes in Europe, currently attracting a global audience of around 200 million people. Eurovision is often mocked as cultural kitsch because of its over-the-top performances and frivolous song lyrics. Yet there is no cultural medium that connects Europeans more than popular music, the development of which has always been tied to cultural, economic, political, social and technological change – making Eurovision the ideal tool to explain the history of Europe in the last sixty years.


With selected art direction we’ve tried to illustrate the interpolation of the two worlds the book delivers; of music and entertainment highly interconnected with historical and political. We took the art direction as the main concept for design and execution of author’s web page and his stationary. On online version of Postwar Europe and the Eurovision Song Contest is available.




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