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We combined influencer content on two social media channels, Youtube and Instagram to create a fully integrated experience for consumers to discover the Schwarzkopf’s Live Hair Colors with #livemoments campaign 2017.


StoryLab, Dentsu /Carat Content agency was looking for a way to make its client Schwarzkopf stand out in the highly competitive hair color product industry in Austria with the launch of Live Colors Collection.

Together we came to the solution that was to build an influencers’ campaign with a selection of one leading influencers, well-known vlogger (youtube) and several micro-influencers on Instagram. Their authority, reach and brand affinity would enable us to build hype and attract the target audience.

A full year initiative centered around 4 inspiring product unpacking moments under #livemoments would initiate a trickle-down effect from the main influencers to a wider audience.





The final ROI also illustrates the effect of a good influencer content and strategy:

  • 110.000 campaign impressions (Austira)
  • 1.5% engagement 
rate (1-3% benchmark)
  • over 50.000 earned posts’ reach from one of the influencers who organically became a brand ambassadors



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