RIMAC: Little did we know…Or did we?

Visual Identity

Mate Rimac started from his father’s garage in 2009, in 2014 he already closed A-series funding of 10 Million Euros, and in 2016 he built the fastest electric car in the world.


Rimac Cars is a startup company owned by the young Croatian innovator Mate Rimac, the producer of the fastest electric super sports car Concept One.

Eight years ago, a 21-year-old Mate Rimac, fueled by twin passions for electronics and cars, began to formulate a different vision – one where alternative energy, speed, and fun weren’t mutually exclusive concepts.  In 2009 he came to the agency with a vision we had transformed into a well-crafted car brand. To get an opportunity to work for a car industry in Croatian region was rare at the time. In fact, it still is.

Mate newer wanted to make just a fast new electric car. He wanted to make the fastest electric car in the world that’s also fun, hip, and sexy besides being environmentally friendly. We agreed the brand design needed to be iconic, emphasizing brand equity and Mate’s passion. Main inspiration derived from superheroes (shield element with the letter R in focus). We’ve chosen to make something much more powerful than a new startup car brand – a cool electric car a superhero would own, a car that would be here to stay. And, that’s why we love startups.









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