NEUBAU EYEWEAR: Fresh eyewear brand from the heart of Vienna

Visual Identity
360 Communication Campaign
Web development by Netural

Silhouette, the long-standing eyewear manufacturer from Linz, produces more than 3 million eyeglasses a year. In 2016 for the first time, it launched its first self-standing brand for the worldwide market – Neubau eyewear. Together with the Silhouette team, we developed the Neubau brand form scratch; branding strategy, visual identity and communication campaign. Netural envisioned digital presence of the brand.


“I believe we have created a brand that meets the requirements of a young, urban, refined target group – the Millennials. An effortless-chic from Viennese Neubau. The brand celebrates a vibe, an attitude and a state of mind you will find in the most alternative, artistic quarters in cities all over the world. The vision behind Neubau eyewear is to create the ideal meeting of superior design and high-quality Austrian manufacturing”– says Daniel Liktor, a brand manager for Neubau.

The brand’s tone of voice and the campaign are actually set by the atmosphere of the district itself, the 7th district of Vienna, Neubau. It is an archetypal hub of urban creativity where every other doorplate and every hidden courtyard will lead you to a photographer’s studio or a designer’s workshop. It’s almost inquisitive, yet highly personal and warm, and it’s actually the image of the Neubau brand – that was the main creative thread.



The visuals and art direction are a mix of street-style and fashion imagery. Models are representing a strong and premium individual style, but in a relaxed, almost casual way. The surroundings will always represent the place – the streets and places of Neubau. The blurry background is part of the story, showing the glimpse and depth of the places that make Neubau unique.


The visual identity is kept sleek, with primary colors black and white and with sans serif typography. Together with the light secondary colors, sky, and peach, the design conveys an edgy and urban identity.


When it comes to digital, we transferred this story into a contemporary digital brand presence together with our digital partner agency Netural. The website takes up the campaign’s visual elements and emphasizes Neubau’s modern identity with its reduced but sharp design. Additional to design and implementation, Netural created photo-realistic 3D models of the urban and trendy glasses. Exclusive renderings of the young brand’s current collection are shown on the website too. Consistent responsive design rounds out Neubau’s website. Startaparat and Netural are going hand in hand – brand development and digital design and development flow with each other seamlessly. A well-tuned team looks in the same direction and therefore creates a perceptible extension of added value.




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