TIMEULAR ZEIº: A Startup with a brilliant time tracking

DELIVERABLES Christmas Campaign

They’ve raised $1.1M last year and 10,000 happy customers track their time with ZEI°.


TIMEULAR ZEIº – a unique time-tracking device which makes this annoying task simpler than ever before so that you have more time for the things you love.

ZEIº is a polygon device with a wireless connection to the computer. Through the software, users can assign a project to each face of the device and immediately start tracking time on a project just by placing the polygon to the corresponding project face up and stop the time by changing to another face or turning the device off. Given this, users can control time tracking within seconds and can, therefore, add entries immediately without losing focus while opening and interacting with applications.

We’ve met Timeular at the Pioneers retreat where we had a lecture on the importance of branding. One topic that usually stays at the bottom of startups’ to do list. They were the one to complete the brand positioning test the best. A few months later we worked together on the Christmas campaign.

Great, useful product, if you still haven’t got your ZEIº, it is time: timeular.com.








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