DELIKROAT: Neubau’s delicatessen shop

Naming Consulting
Visual Identity

Truffle pasta with sun-ripened tomatoes, olive oil from the home village, lavender syrup from the neighborhood, dried figs, red wine, liqueur, and cheese; what has begun as a small stall of specialties on Viennese markets, has found a permanent location.


A new boutique in the middle of one of the trendiest areas of Vienna, in Neubaugasse, in the seventh district. The owner Mario Harapin, with a true startup spirit and an exquisite sense of culinary pleasure and high-quality groceries starting from the Viennese markets, finally made his own place.

Agency has been in charge of the branding and visual identity. The brand essence is built out of a neologism which reflects the shop’s identity: In Delikroat the offered goods (high-quality and extraordinary food) get together with their specific origin (Croatian handcraft and sustainable agriculture).

The visual identity is kept in a simple black&white design. But the letters of the logo are provided with an imagery that builds a connection with food and groceries. In the letter D, one can recognize a slice of cheese – the letter O reminds of a cooking pot.These playful elements were also used for several products and blueprints like stickers, business cards, wrapping paper or price labels. They are also used for small animations on the newly designed website

With its new design, Delikroat provides the invitation to the pleasures of Croatian groceries and specialties without losing its personal charm.








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